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Warner Bros. Studio Tours

The VIP Tour

The VIP Tour offers a two hour and fifteen minute look at the historic Warner Bros back lot. You'll see places like Midwest Street's quaint town square, Hennesy Street's urban city exteriors, the Jungle's forested lagoon--all recognizable locations from some of today's and yesterday's most popular films and television series. You'll also walk on to the set of a hit television show, visit the costume and prop departments, take a photo placing you into a Warner Bros movie with the magic of Green Screen, and visit Hollywood's only studio museum where a section is all Harry Potter! For more information go to: http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/vip-tour/

The Deluxe Tour

The Deluxe Tour is a special five-hour tour that includes the above as well as explores in-depth the craft of movie-making, and lunch in the Fine Dining Room. Top guides take you into the craft shops where artisans create sets, props, costumes and more. You'll visit production sets to talk to key crew people, watch as Foley artists create sound effects for film and TV, etc. Once a week, I get to join this group and chat with and tell stories about the brothers and their history over lunch called "Meet the Family." For more information go to: http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/deluxe-tour/



My Daily Burbank Review

"Four Reasons You Should Take the Deluxe Tour"



Boys & Girls Club

Cass hosts a group of great guys from Santa Barbara's stellar Boys & Girls Club on the VIP Tour.


Comments by Deluxe Tour Guests

All through lunch I felt like I was coming face-to-face with your family who were responsible for the magic that was my childhood. What was even more surreal was being able to share a little something about myself with you…Hearing today how your grandfather toiled to make a difference through entertainment and how you continue to carry the flame was immensely powerful and very inspiring. Thank you!
--Jade Rodrigues from Sydney Australia


It was such an honor and very inspiring as an film student hearing from someone with so much experience and wisdom, and I truly cannot thank you enough for such an amazing opportunity to have gotten the chance to meet with you.
--Connie Cocchia, University of Southern California student