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Koch Library
Introduction to the Koch Library
Howard's chief motivation was "to dramatize as honestly as I can any aspect of the human condition in its social framework with an emphasis on life-supporting values." There are 19 produced screenplays; 16 unproduced screenplays; 10 produced stage plays; 9 unproduced screenplays; 1 unfinished screenplay; 6 treatments or synopsis; an idea for a comedy series; 1 unfinished treatment; 1 radio play (The "Panic Broadcast" or "War of the Worlds"); 4 published books; 3 unpublished books, and a trove of political letters and letters to the editor of The New York Times, as well as correspondence between directors, actors, etc.
The Screenplays of Howard Koch
Koch ScreenplaysLegendary Hollywood screenwriter Howard Koch was awarded the Academy Award in 1943 for his script of what is perhaps the greatest film of all time, Casablanca. Koch also wrote the radio script for Orson Welles’ 1938 production of “The War of the Worlds.” Warner Sisters has the honor and privilege of having access to all of Howard Koch‘s unproduced screenplays, stage plays and novels.
The Coldest War

The Coldest WarHoward Koch: An environmental CHINA SYNDROME. Treatment and unpublished novel available.

The Gardener
The GardenerHoward Koch: An original screenplay by Howard Koch. A timely, touching and intriguing surrogate mother story. Script available.
A Ride on the Milky Way
A Ride on the Milky WayHoward Koch: A screen adaptation by Howard Koch based on the novel by Marguerite Dorian. A young woman’s coming-of-age story. Introduces a fourteen year old girl to this magical art form by a charming French puppeteer. Script available.
In Time To Come

In Time To ComeNOTE: HOWARD KOCH - renowned Hollywood screenwriter who was awarded an Academy Award in 1943 for his work on CASABLANCA.

An original play by Howard Koch and John Huston. The true story of President Woodrow Wilson and his wife, Edith, who secretly took over his duties after her husband fell ill while fighting for world peace. Script available.

For a full listing of Howard Koch’s available properties click the read more link below.  To inquire about play performance rights: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .