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In Time To Come

In Time To ComeNOTE: HOWARD KOCH - renowned Hollywood screenwriter who was awarded an Academy Award in 1943 for his work on CASABLANCA.

An original play by Howard Koch and John Huston. The true story of President Woodrow Wilson and his wife, Edith, who secretly took over his duties after her husband fell ill while fighting for world peace. Script available.

For a full listing of Howard Koch’s available properties click the read more link below.  To inquire about play performance rights: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Howard’s chief motivation was “to dramatize as honestly as I can any aspect of the human condition in its social framework with an emphasis on life-supporting values.” There are 19 produced screenplays; 16 unproduced screenplays; 10 produced stage plays; 9 unproduced screenplays; 1 unfinished screenplay; 6 treatments or synopsis; an idea for a comedy series; 1 unfinished treatment; 1 radio play (The “Panic Broadcast” or “War of the Worlds”); 4 published books; 3 unpublished books, and a trove of political letters and letters to the editor of The New York Times, as well as correspondence between directors, actors, etc.)



THE SEA HAWK – Warner Bros. 1940

THE LETTER- ( adapted from play by Somerset Maugham, written with Seton I. Miller), Warner Bros. 1940

SERGEANT YORK – written with Abrem Finkel, Harry Chandler and John Huston in 1941) Warner Bros.

SHINING VICTORY (adapted from play “Jupiter Laughs” by A.J. Cronin and screenplay written with Anne Froelick) Warner Bros. in 1941

IN THIS OUR LIFE (adapted from novel by Ellen Glasgow in 1942) Warner Bros.

MISSION TO MOSCOW (adapted from nonfiction work of Joseph Davies in 1943) Warner Bros.

CASABLANCA (adapted from play, “Everyone Comes to Rick’s” written with Julius and Phillip Epstein in 1943) Warner Bros.

IN OUR TIME (written with Ellis St. Joseph in 1944) Warner Bros.

RHAPSODY IN BLUE (adapted from stoy by Sonya Levien in 1945) Warner Bros.

THREE STRANGERS (written with John Huston in 1946) Warner Bros.

LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN (adapted from story by Stefan Zweig in 1948) Universal

NO SAD SONGS FOR ME (adapted from novel by Ruth Southard in 1950) Columbia

THE THIRTEENTH LETTER (adapted from screenplay “The Raven” by Louis Chavance in 1951) Twentieth Century Fox

THE INTIMATE STRANGER LOSS OF INNOCENCE adapted from the novel, “The Greenage Summer” by Rumer Godden in 1961) Columbia

THE WAR LOVER (adapted from the novel by John Hersey in 1962) Columbia 633

SQUADRON (adapted from novel by Frederick F. Smith, screenplay written with James Clavell in 1964) United Artists

THE FOX (adapted from novella by D.H. Lawrence, screenplay written with Lewis John Carlino in 1968) Columbia




GREAT SCOTT! Performed in New York in 1929

MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE aka THE GOLDEN GOOSE Treats the American people’s distrust of political parties and politicians and the suspicion due the patriotic shams of those whose concerns are their own fortunes rather than the welfare of the country. (Produced by the Little Theatre of St. Louis in 1932.)

GIVE US THIS DAY We watch the lives of those waiting for their grandmother to die going to ruin. (Performed in New York in 1933.)

THE LONELY MAN – 1937 (Ran for a season at The Blackstone Theatre in Chicago with John Huston in his first lead.) (U.W.)

IN TIME TO COME – written in collaboration with John Huston about the League of Nations, which despite good reviews was aborted after Pearl Harbor. (Produced by Otto Preminger in The Booth Theatre in New York December 28, 1941. Received best play award by the Critics Circle.)

STRAITJACKET aka THE ALBATROSS A drama based on the lives of Charles and Mary Lamb in London at the turn of the 19th century. (Produced in San Miguel, Mexico at Instituto Allende Theatere, in London, and at the Barter Theatre in Virginia.)

SKYWARN A family drama with social implications set in the McCarthy era in the 1950s. (Showcased by the Theatre for Actors in New and produced under the title NIGHTSHADE at The McCarter Theatre in Princeton in 1988.)

DEAD LETTERS A philosophical comedy in two acts realistic in a metaphorical frame. (Produced in 1971 by The Byrdcliffe Theatre in Woodstock and by The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.) (U.W.)

TRIPLETS: (Three one-act plays performed in Woodstock, New York)




THE PANIC BROADCAST A two-act play based on HG Wells, WAR OF THE WORLDS. (Narrated by Orson Welles on the radio on October 30th 1938.)



TO THE LAST MAN portrays the exploits of a German, Oskar Shindler, who saved 1300 Jews from Nazi extermination, and which was based on a series of interviews with Schindler and the surviving Jews.

BIRD OF PASSAGE (An original screenplay) A comedy about a young musician who is wasting his talents in pursuit of society’s pleasures offered him by wealthy patrons by virtue of his antic personality that appeals to socially prominent woman. However, a younger woman who is really in love with him is bent on saving him and his career.

THE TRAVELER A liberal-minded married man in his early forties, a conservationist by profession, becomes intrigued by the free life style of some young people he has allowed to camp on his wooded streamside property and, in particular, a young traveler (hippie) girl who epitomizes the attitudes and mores of her generation. Their brief love affair is played against community pressures and their conflicting life styles. What separates them is not so much age but that they belong to two alien cultures, one rooted in the existing society, the other springing up on its fringes with its own values and customs. They are unable to bridge this gap, symbolized by the stream which separates his middle-class home from her communal camp. Yet each has something to learn from the other and perhaps some day.

OH MOTHER! This situational comedy is about two strangers, Carol and Henry, who after winning a dog food contest head out on an all-expense paid vacation to Acapulco. Carol quickly pins Henry as a mama’s boy and a bore. Henry considers Carol too aggressive and bossy. But they soon realize their differences are the least of their problems when they discover the shady dealings of the trip’s chaperone which has put their safety at stake.

A RIDE ON THE MILKY WAY (A screenplay adaptation based on the novel by Marguerite Dorian.) A young woman’s coming-of-age story.

THE WOMAN AT OTOWI CROSSING aka FIRE FROM HEAVEN (Screenplay based on the novel by Frank Waters.) A love story played against a background of events at Los Alamos which ushered in the nuclear age. The Story contemplates the vast difference between the ancient and natural world of the Pueblo Indians and this destructive new world that has appeared among them.

THE ISLAND (original screenplay with technical advice from Arthur C. Clarke writer of “2001”) A blacked-out test pilot experiences a mind-changing look into the future. He discovers a new society has replaced his old one now destroyed by nuclear war. Realizing he shares some of the responsibility he returns to the present chastened.

CHILDHOOD’S END (Screenplay based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke) The Guardians appeared suddenly over every city-intellectually, technologically, and militarily superior to human kind. Benevolent, they made few demands: unify earth, eliminate poverty, and end war. With little rebellion, mankind agreed, and a golden age began. But at what cost? With the advent of peace, man ceased to strive for creative greatness, and a malaise settled over the human race. To those who resisted, it became evident that the Guardians had an agenda of their own. As civilization approached the crossroads, would the Guardians spell the end for mankind.or the beginning?

THE CLOUD (Screenplay based on the original stage play, MISTER RIP.) A modern satirical comedy with music. It’s story and leading characters suggested by the Rip Van Winkle legend.








CONQUISTADOR – (treatment and correspondence) May 1943 (U. W)

ALL A GAMBLE WHO WALK ALONE (Treatment for a screenplay) Young man’s life is irrevocably altered by leprosy brought home from the topics during WWII and the social stigma still surrounding the disease I the late 1940s.

THE VOLUNTEERS (Unfinished treatment) Story about the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War.

THE TROUBLE WITH LAZY ETHEL (Treatment based on a novel by Ernest K. Gann) Plans to use a Pacific island for a nuclear test pits natives against scientists and the military.

RETURN TO CASABLANCA Story synopsis of a sequel to CASABLANCA

WOODSTOCK, WOODSTOCK Ideas for a comedy TV series using Woodstock characters and life-styles.

THE SOUTHERN DOUBLE CROSS co-authored with Ann Green (wife)





THE TRAIL OF RICHARD NIXON – 1976 (U.W.) It takes place in the mind of the former president during the time of his resignation and the time of his pardon. He prepares for trial. The judge is his conscience. (In scenes where the dialogue might suggest criminal statements or behavior on the part of Nixon, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Dean, etc. authenticated sources such as the Nixon tapes or other recorded conversations, speeches, Congressional resolutions or the language of court decisions.)

MISTER RIP This is loosely based on the Rip Van Winkle legend, but has a contemporary theme as well as music.

WHY DON’T THEY LOVE US? A play with music looking at America’s foray into imperialism a century ago.

THE BLUE GOOSE (A one-act play written with Anne Koch) It’s the quest that counts.

A REVOLUTIONARY AFFAIR and ONCE TO EVERY MAN AND NATION “Living newspapers” using the facts to condemn the horror and pointlessness of the Vietnam War. Contains many ballads that were popular at the time. (Offered for use by George McGoverns campaign in 1972.)

COME OF AGE (Three-act play written with Anne Taylor) Twice divorced architect invites his teenage son and daughter to his spectacular desert home after not having seen them for years. This is partly an inspection invitation to see if adoption papers taken out by their railroad-buff step-father should be signed. The architect is free-wheeling and a bit irresponsible, chafing at a whiff of orthodoxy and rude to conventional clients who stumble upon him unwarned. The story develops as the generations clash. The Babbitry steeped in the children by the step-father is gradually checked by the freedom of the house and environment and meeting the architect’s girlfriend, a highly professional photographer. Faced with many uptight situations, they all change and grow, and after some severe buffeting of the father’s ego he finally learns a love of deep commitment to them all.

THE MAN WHO SAW A FLYING SAUCER (Unfinished) A ‘60s story of a man caught between the traditional values of the older generation and the restlessness and rebellious young.

THE RIVER FOX (Unfinished) A story of an eco-activist fighting for his river against the polluting corporations.



THE PANIC BROADCAST – Little, Brown 1970

AS TIME GOES BY (memoirs) – Harcourt, 1978


THE GARDENER THE COLDEST WAR- An environmental CHINA SYNDROME. Climatic conditions go from bad to worse due to a nuclear missile in the Middle East having accidentally exploded, setting off a chain reaction of other nuclear explosions throughout the Arab countries and Israel. The future of the world is threatened by an atmospheric cloud which is blocking the sun and causing an imminent ice age.

SEXTET (Short stories)

9W- A Romance

KING COBRA- A Domestic Comedy


THE GARDENER- An Equilateral Triangle

THE ANT HEAP- Two Views of the Desert




THE COLDEST WAR- An environmental CHINA SYNDROME. Climatic conditions go from bad to worse due to a nuclear missile in the Middle East having accidentally exploded, setting off a chain reaction of other nuclear explosions throughout the Arab countries and Israel. The future of the world is threatened by an atmospheric cloud which is blocking the sun and causing An imminent ice age. (Based on Howard’s unpublished novel.)

THE GARDENER A timely, touching and intriguing surrogate mother story.



WAR OF THE WORLDS aka THE PANIC BROADCAST – script October 30, 1938 (U.W.)