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Return to Casablanca

CASABLANCA is a masterpiece that has come to represent our most fundamental understanding of what movies should be and how they can affect us. Practically every story line in the film plays directly to our common humanity. The performances are iconic. There’s personal sacrifice for the greater good in relinquishing the love of one’s life. There’s an ugly truth about the inevitability of moral compromise, and there is an honest look at the nobility of following one’s convictions. It’s universal and touches all who experience it.

I had the gift of knowing Howard Koch one of the masters who crafted this incredible script. We met in 1988 when I took a screenwriting class from him. While interviewing him about his experiences at Warner Bros. for my book, “The Brothers Warner,” we became like family. Visiting him at his home in Woodstock, New York, he shared that he was unable to find an agent to represent him due to his age. Without a hesitation and with a feeling of great honor, I offered to see what I could do to move some of his works into production.

View "Casablanca 2" Article

In 2009, while promoting that Warner Home Video was going to distribute my documentary, THE BROTHERS WARNER, I met Lou Lumenick, the chief film critic of The New York Post. Lou shared an admiration for Howard Koch and a wish to make known what Howard’s idea was for a follow-up story to CASABLANCA. Happily, Lou was able to write the following article that has gotten such an incredible response internationally.

 As the article below rightfully states, I am interested in encouraging the current generation of moviegoers to want to watch the original film.

Here’s looking at 2, kid: why Casablanca 2 isn’t such a bad idea.