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Cass WarnerWarner Sisters, Inc., Founded by Cass Warner Sperling

As the founder and president of Warner Sisters, I whole-heartedly believe that the moving image—in the form of films, television, video and other media—is an incredibly powerful communication tool. It can be equated to today’s tribal drum—carrying emotional, intellectual and philosophical messages, which are hummed almost unknowingly or subliminally as the result of taking in this form of entertainment.

Warner Sisters is here to carry on the purpose of the original Warner brothers’ motto that my grandfather, Harry Warner, president and founder of the studio, initiated and implemented for over fifty years. Producing entertainment that “educates, entertains and enlightens” is my legacy. Inspiring other artists and businessmen to increase understanding amongst their fellow man is, I believe, our creative duty and honour.

As a woman, a mother and grandmother, I’m aware of playing a tremendous role in creating tomorrow’s reality. Being creators and nurturers of new life and the future generation, I believe we have a certain obligation to reflect this quality in our creative lives and in our work.

HOPPER: IN HIS OWN WORDS Feature Documentary
" I was moved to tears watching Cass Warner's documentary on Dennis Hopper. Dennis was a true artist and a lover of all the arts, and it was great to see him come to life."

--Mike Medavoy

From Emmy® Award nominee and acclaimed filmmaker Cass Warner Sperling comes the fascinating inside story of one of Hollywood’s most compelling and enigmatic personalities.

Dennis Hopper captured the world’s attention in his first screen appearance and never let it go. A restless maverick and sometimes self-destructive genius, he became revered—and reviled—for his perfectionism. But few people understood the man behind the madman who brought an almost psychotic intensity to roles in EASY RIDER, APOCALPYSE NOW, BLUE VELVET, and dozens of other masterpieces.

Producer/director/writer Cass Warner Sperling takes viewers into the creative mind of Dennis Hopper with this insightful and deeply personal interview conducted in Hopper’s Venice Beach home before his passing. Cass combines the candid conversation shot in 2007 with archival footage and photos to craft a revealing portrait of the actor, director, writer, and artist who defined a generation and created one of the film industry’s most enduring and revolutionary legacies.

DIRECTED BY Cass Warner Sperling
WRITTEN BY Cass Warner Sperling and Susan Morgan Cooper
EDITED BY Tyler MacIntyre & associate editor - Carrie Schultz
PRODUCED BY Cass Warner Sperling and Susan Morgan Cooper

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Documentary Looks at Hollywood Family Dynasty;
Released on DVD from Warner Home Video

Accolades for THE WARNERS BROTHER Documentary

“The Brothers Warner’ is a well-made, fascinating documentary.  Cass has not only honored her grandfather’s legacy with this work, she’s also paid homage to one of the guiding principles of the four Warner brothers who founded the studio by producing a film that will educate, entertain and enlighten audiences.”
Barry Meyer -  Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment

"I was riveted by this story.  It’s a wonderful, intimate, deeply interesting film about the actual Warner brothers, illuminating the personal history behind the studio." 
Susan Lacy, creator and executive producer of AMERICAN MASTERS.

The Brothers Warner now in DVD

The Brothers Warner Site

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The Brothers Warner, A Feature-Length Documentary by Cass Warner

“The Brothers Warner” is the intimate portrait and saga of the four Hollywood pioneers: the strategic general, Harry Warner; honest Abe; visionary Sam; and volatile Jack.
It’s the definitive story of a family who rose from immigrant poverty through personal tragedies persevering to create a major studio with a social conscience.
It’s the culmination of thirty years of research, the collection of family memorabilia and never before seen photos, speeches and home movies, as well as many personal interviews.
Due to having all these materials at hand, the film took a year to make and edit.  It’s been screened at over 35 film festivals and won several awards. It's aired on American Masters/PBS television, and is now being distributed by Warner Home Video.

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